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Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Black Dahlia (2006)

Like The Untouchables (1987), Black Dahlia has a few exceptionally good scenes strategically placed within a historically interesting background that nevertheless feels overwhelmingly empty and lifeless.
Josh Hartnett is okay in the lead role, but a De Palma film needs a protagonist more than just 'okay' if he or she is to hold their own and not be swallowed up by the director's self-interests. The only two characters that manage to do just that are the murdered Dahlia (Mia Kirshner – amazing!) and the actual murderer (whom I can't praise directly because it would be spoiler).
It was reportedly three hours long cut down to a more palatable two, but while the pacing may have been improved if the additional footage was put back it's unlikely the overall feeling of boredom would've changed much.

2½ veneers out of 5

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