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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Aenigma (1987)

Basically a melding of Carrie (1976) and Patrick (1978), Aenigma follows the cliche 80's horror 'prank gone wrong' device. Co-written by Lucio Fulci and collaborator Giorgio Mariuzzo (The Beyond, The House by the Cemetery), it's surprising to see such an uninspired plot. After being put into a coma by her classmates, Kathy possesses the beautiful Eva (Lara Lamberti), purely for debauchery and revenge. The story works on a B-movie level as the most interesting scenes are reserved for the bullies being punished in creative, creepy-crawly ways. Not one to fill in every detail and to create a light air of mystery, Fulci leaves certain aspects of the story unexplained. Derivative but not a complete throwaway, Aenigma is a lesser-known film worth another look.

2 snail hordes out of 5

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