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Saturday, 1 October 2016


Kung Fu Hustle director Stephen Chow gives The Little Mermaid fairytale a modern twist in his goofy oddball fantasy The Mermaid.
A mermaid is sent to land to assassinate a business tycoon that threatens to destroy the merpeople's home with environmental destroying technology.
Like Chow's previous works, the film is filled with ridiculously strange humor and makes bizarre use of slapstick mixed in with a care-free sense of warmth and heart.  Don't be fooled because it isn't afraid to get disturbingly violent when it needs to, so it's not exactly for the young ones.  Unfortunately the humor is occasionally bogged down by the save-the-environment message it constantly bashes you over the head with.  Still, it's a uniquely fresh take on the fantastical comedies that don't come around quite enough.

3½ mer-dicks out of 5


budarc said...

I give it 4 police sketches out of 5.

That scene made me laugh out loud, which has become increasingly rare for me as of late.

I'm a big fan of Chow and his odd sensibilities.

cuckoo said...

XD The police sketches were pretty great.

Shan's bungled assassination was hilarious too.
The sea urchins in the face. Too good.

...and weird...
I got an e-mail notification from you this time.
Gmail account?

budarc said...

Yep. I registered a new one for this blog.

cuckoo said...


budarc said...


I guess that means I can finally comment on older nuts and it won't get lost to the sands of time.

cuckoo said...

I checked the "comments" section every day to make sure I wasn't missing them. :)

budarc said...

I've left a few comments on nuts from years past. It's kind of like an easter egg hunt, maybe you'll come across them in time.

I guess that means I have to check my gmail now too in order to see replies. I've had a Yahoo Mail account since 2000 so I've been reluctant to part with it.

cuckoo said...

I still keep my hotmail account active.
Even nobody I actually know has sent me anything on that account for at least 6 years.


budarc said...

Yup, my yahoo account has basically just become a collective of spam ads for boner enlargement pills and "hot sexy Asian women at your front door" etc.

I still reply to them all, though.

budarc said...

Damn, I feel bad for all the people who are automatically subscribed to these notification e-mails now.

It's all the reflexive shit-shooting in my genes.