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Saturday, 22 October 2016


Director Tobe Hooper has a great ol' time with Toolbox Murders, a slasher remake of the 1978 cult classic thriller of the same name.  
A young couple moves into a run down old apartment building filled with all sorts of colorful characters...and one of them likes slaughtering folks with objects found in his hardware store goody-bag.
There's a number of gruesome kills but thankfully that's not Hooper's only concern and the viewer is treated to a wonderfully creepy atmosphere filling the walls of the old building.  Angela Bettis gives it her all and it elevates the so-so story into something better than it would be without her.  All in all, the film goes to some creepy horrific places but everyone involved is in it for a great time and it shows in the roller coaster end product.  

3 teeth in the wall out of 5

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