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Wednesday, 5 October 2016


aka Train to Busan
South Korean animation director Yeon Sang-ho delivers his first live-action film with one helluva adrenaline-fueled zombie horror.
Busanhaeng tells the story of a job-addicted fund manager who penitently decides to take his daughter to see his ex-wife, only to find he and a small number of train passengers must fight to survive from a violent zombie outbreak on the speeding train.  
On the outside, it's a rage zombie film that's exciting, terrifying and merciless but peel away the layers and it's a vicious dissection of already fragile virtues & principles that become divided amongst the different classes of society.  Each fascinating character plays their important part in making the story work and layer it with an heavy emotional impact.  When it's not making unique observations on humanity it's forcing the heart to race with it's cleverly staged action sequences that suffocate you with claustrophobic carnage.

4 excellent times for a tunnel out of 5

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