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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Man-Thing (2005)

I've not been to Louisiana, but I don't think swamps can be that green!
Lighting aside, locations do their job well enough, they're fun visually and the small town setting has that instantly relatable quality that small towns have.
There's a cheap horror vibe from time to time that doesn't do it any favours. A better option might've been to take itself less seriously, opt instead to accentuate the cheapo charm, kind of like Tremors (1990) did.
It was surprising seeing mutilated corpses and hearing people say "fuck" in a Marvel film. The bad CGI, however, was not unexpected; it turns what could've been a memorable creature into just another tentacle joke.
Even though the story failed to hit the mark a lot of the time, it was still a refreshing change from the company's incessant mega-blockbusters.

2 branches out of 5

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