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Sunday, 2 October 2016


aka Woman in the Dunes

Director Hiroshi Teshigahara's 2nd social issues/mystery collaboration with Kōbō Abe is based on the writer's own novel Suna no onna.
It's the story of an upper class man trapped in the quarry of an underprivileged village, where he's forced into a Sisyphean job of shoveling ever-falling sand, with a woman whom he doesn't know, in order to keep their lives from buried beneath the dunes.
There's a strong sexual under-currant but it's never really played for pleasure and instead comes off with a deeply unsettling pathos that reminded me of David Lynch's use of sexuality.  It's fairly quiet, slow-burning tale that rewards should you have the patience and curiosity in exploring numerous unanswered questions hidden within the grains of sand.  It's eerie music, desolate atmosphere and haunted performances make for one helluva a hypnotizing experience that won't soon leave you.  

4 pinned insects out of 5

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