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Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Based upon David F. Sandberg's popular 2013 internet horror short, Lights Out, (with an animated gif that is probably more well known), the director adapts his own material into a feature length film.
A broken up family is haunted by the silhouette of something or someone uber-creepy that unfortunately can only be seen and at it's deadliest when, you guessed it, the lights are out.
The first half-hour scared the feck out of me but ruins it all by explaining the mystery and thereby neutering the threat into nothing more than cheap jump scares.  Maria Bello and Teresa Palmer deliver some pretty strong performances for their thinly written characters.  It's loaded with all the usual Boogeyman tropes but will probably be just fine for those looking for some effective inferior thrills that aren't too regrettable.

3 shitty times for a power outage out of 5

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