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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

31 [2016]

Schlock-star Rob Zombie directs 31, a generic survival thriller that continues his love for obscure trashy violent 1970's horror films.
Here we follow a pack of low-life traveling carnival workers who are forced to play a game where they must survive for 12 hours while being stalked by a pack of psychotics dressed as clowns.
To quickly sum it up, it's pretty much The Running Man set in the carnival from Hell and is really nothing more than that.  What sets this apart from Zombie's last few films is it isn't as dark or serious and we're in for a twisted disturbing but oddly fun ride.  The dude still doesn't understand the art of film-making but given the cheap subject matter it's obvious that's not his intent.  So if you're not looking for substance or quality then this might be all right for you.

2 Nazi-midget bunnies out of 5

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