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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Debug (2014)

It starts out similar to Cube (1997). Both films exist within a confined and limited space. Cube had even less to work with but achieved more.
The biggest problem with Debug is lack of atmosphere. The sets are lit like a shop floor; they aren't even subliminally threatening. The primary threat is equally devoid of menace. The attempts to channel Kubrick and pair it with the unease of Ringu (1998), the horror of Event Horizon (1997), the sophistication of Sunshine (2007) and the plotting of The Matrix (1999) are much too transparent, meaning the comparison does more harm than good to the production.
The EVA scene was more successful than much of the rest, which is odd because I'd consider that part to be the most difficult logistically.

1½ convenient HUDs out of 5

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