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Monday, 31 October 2016

FOUND. [2012]

Director Scott Schirmer goes to some dark places in the twisted and disturbing low-budget horror film Found.
It begins as a sort of dark coming-of-age story about a bullied young boy, who lives a seemingly normal American life but is quick to morph into a deeply unsettling horror film when he discovers his older brother has been murdering people and keeping their heads in his closet.
It dives into some very graphic scenes of violence but it finds it's most troubling moments in scenes where we get into the boy's head through a haunted voice-over.  There's plenty of unpleasant subject matter but most of it seems necessary to get the message across, with the exception of a small handful of overly brutal scenes that are so forced they only serve to shock.  As disturbing as it all is, it's a change in this sort of film to actually be making a statement that deserves to be further discussed.

3½ oil stains in the driveway out of 5

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