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Saturday, 29 October 2016


Director Andy Palmer churns out yet another horror/comedy with The Funhouse Massacre.
Six homicidal mental patients escape from the local asylum on Halloween night and hide within a horror funhouse that's inspired by all their bloody handiwork.
Unlike most horror-comedies, Funhouse gets all the humorous moments timed right, so that the horrific moments aren't watered down and vice versa.  Thankfully it is funny and packs in some great kill scenes making for a steadily-paced great time that never outstays it's welcome.  The plotting is a bit of a misdirected mess and the characters are all pretty flat but with a title like The Funhouse Massacre one isn't expecting anything of superb quality.

3 sexy Hilary Clintons out of 5

1 comment:

budarc said...

I just saw this one today based on your Nut. Horror-comedies are one of my favorite genres but somehow I overlooked it. I thought it was okay.

I did see another oddball horror movie earlier: Cat Sick Blues. It's about a guy who wears a cat mask and barbed prosthetic penis and kills people. This might be runner-up for most WTF movie of the year. I don't know. There's been a lot of weird-ass movies this year.

In other news, I'm about to break my personal record for most movies watched in one day.