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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Gotti (1996)

Spanning almost two decades (1973-92), the story of real iife mobster John Gotti is a familiar but engaging one. Gotti is a valued decision maker within the NY mafia doing things that don't always please the new Don. His loyalty to those that deserve it is a formidable tool in his arsenal, but not everyone in the family deserves his loyalty; and when that's accounted for, the dangerous jokes around the meeting table take on new meaning.
It's no Goodfellas (1990), but then Goodfellas wasn't a TV movie, Gotti is. Nevertheless, Dir. Robert Harmon delivers a delicious slow burn within which Asante absolutely owns the screen. The transition into the second half is powerful stuff. Fans of Mafia flicks should definitely give it their attention.

4 two thousand dollar suits out of 5

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