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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Starcrash (1978)

It's not unfair to say that part of Luigi Cozzi's career involved ripping-off other people's works, but with Starcrash he didn't even try to hide it. The Star part is obvious enough (think Lucas), but the crash part is equally as apt because it does, frequently. Of course, that's what makes it interesting; that it resembles Barbarella (1968) at times also helps in the kitschy-cool department. And it even has elements of Columbia's Sinbad films (Talos with tits?).
What's perhaps the most heinous sin committed is that someone decided to dub all of Caroline Munro's dialogue (although, to be fair, it's reasonably well done) but none of David Hasselhoff's. That just ain't right, Cozzi.

2 sword-wielding robots out of 5

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