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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Bait (2012)

All I knew going in was 'Sharni Vinson shark movie.' She had a breakout role in You're Next, but Bait was a real step down for her. The opening moments seal the film's fate as a craptacular CG shark spews a corpse at the camera. Originally a 3D venture, we're "gifted" with these in-your-face set-ups. After a tsunami, a group of trapped survivors must fend off a shark attack in a submerged grocery store. Not a horrible premise but so poorly executed. Despite an interesting dynamic between Julian McMahon's character and the others, the scenes are clogged with logical errors. It's unfortunate the practical effects are so scarcely represented. If there had been less focus on the awful CG shark, this could have been a halfway decent disaster flick.

1 floating Pomeranian out of 5

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