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Tuesday, 25 October 2016


After several years of begging, director Joe Dante finally returned to the world of Gremlins with an even more chaotic sequel, The New Batch.
This time around we follow Billy & Kate into the Big Apple where they're reunited with the annoyingly cute Gizmo and chaos ensues as a new batch of gremlins are born into a Trump-like tower of the future.
After the black comedy and genuinely frightening violence of the first film was heavily criticized by many for being too dark for a "kid's movie", Dante & co. opted for a more cartoonish sense of humor and very minimal actual on-screen deaths.  Many will consider it a terrible turn to take and many will enjoy how much it doesn't take itself seriously at all.  It embraces the silliness of the whole concept with no apologies and that's why I feel it's a worthy tongue-in-cheek sequel to the original.

3½ Looney Tunes out of 5

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budarc said...

4 oddly sexy female Gremlins out of 5