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Friday, 12 May 2017


Indie-actor Macon Blair makes his directorial debut with the neo-noir comedy I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore.
Frustrated and depressed by the useless apathetic world around her, a young woman is robbed and finds the only way to make things right is to take matters into her own hands.  AKA Falling Down for the Trump era.
With it's bursts of uber-violence, twisted humor and a cast of low-life criminals, it's obvious Blair is heavily influenced by the directorial/screenwriting works of his regular collaborator Jeremy Saulnier.  Things tend to get pretty outrageous and unbelievable but it's Melanie Lynskey's nuanced performance that manages to keep everything grounded in a warped sense of reality.  The script could have used a bit more tightening up but thankfully it never ceases to shock and amuse.

3 fucking spoilers out of 5


Neg said...

Both of you need to watch the video for The Killers' Miss Atomic Bomb. You'll thank me.

Doc, you might have to watch Mr. Brightside, first. Not sure if you've ever seen it.

cuckoo said...


That video was all about his moment:

Neg said...

I remember someone on tumblr saying something along the lines of "20 years from now you'll hear Mr. Brightside on the radio and break into tears in front of your bewildered children."

It's true, because that was the strangest mixture of elation and heartbreak. Well played, Mr. Roberts. Well played~

Dr Faustus said...

I hadn't seen either of them before. I'm glad you told me the order in which to view them, TY.

The music is okay, but the videos are excellent! I loved them both.

Mr. Brightside was the work of Dir. Sophie Muller. She has quite a lot of quality music vids in her CV.

I'm developing a strange respect for Mr Roberts.

cuckoo said...

I think we all know Doc's particularly fond of Muller's work with The Dixie Chicks.

Every now and then I still catch him dancing naked in the backyard late at night to 'Top of the World'.

Neg said...


Compared to the videos that most artists are putting out now, theirs are utterly fantastic. I really love the one for Just Another Girl because it references almost all of the others they've done. It's the most basic song I've ever heard in terms of lyrics, but they bring it to life. Brandon is a bitchy little genius <3333

Eric Roberts even makes Moulin Rouge-alikes tolerable. He should type that at the top of his CV.

cuckoo said...

O_O Holy Shit!

Did I already know Eric Roberts and I shared a birthday?
I don't recall if it was mentioned before.
My Doc memory is hard at