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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

LOGAN [2017]

Director James Mangold returns for a second helping of mutie goodness with the third and final solo Wolverine film, Logan.
Set 6 years after Days of Futures Past, while in hiding from a world that's wiped out most of the mutant population, Old Man Logan & an ailing Professor X's struggle to survive is tested when a young mutant enters their lives.
While previous cinematic Wolvie outings have been pretty tame, Mangold & co. finally go for the extreme bloody violence, which seems like it's the way it oughta be considering the guy has razor blades tearing out of his hands.  Through all the grit and grime, Logan is a thoughtfully subdued swan song for the popular X-men characters that sheds both blood and tears by the gallons.

3½ X-men comics for bed-wetters out of 5

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