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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

SPLIT [2017]

Director M. Night Shyamalan gives his long-time fans more than a few reasons to get giddy with his latest creepy suspense-thriller Split.
James McAvoy is an absolute joy to watch as a man with 23 different personalities that kidnaps a trio of teenage girls who all fear the threatening arrival of the 24th personality.
It's a joy to see Shyamalan finally return to making highly entertaining nail-biting b-movies filled with ominous dread and devilishly moody atmosphere.  The VVitch's Anya Taylor-Joy puts on a great performance opposite McAvoy's deliciously sadistic roles, all of which are just as strong as the last one.  Without it's two leads the absurdly campy script might not have held up as much as it does but if you're in it for the pure fun of it all then it does not disappoint.

3 frightening dance parties out of 5

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