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Saturday, 27 May 2017


Writer/director Mike Judge's satirical sci-fi/comedy Idiocracy is even more relevant today than it was over a decade ago.
Average Joe Bauers is put to sleep in a hibernation chamber only to wake up 500 years later, where human intelligence has taken such a nasty nosedive that it renders Joe the smartest man in existence.
This is a world where "professional" wrestler's are president, Costco offers law degrees and junk food companies rule the planet.  Sadly it isn't that far off from what the world is transforming into and Judge & co. bloody well take the piss out of it with grim silliness and vulgarities.  At a short 84 minutes long Idiocracy still drags out a bit longer than it should.  It makes it's point but doesn't have enough smarts to really make it the comedy classic it could have been.

3 electrolytes out of 5

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