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Sunday, 7 May 2017

One Chance (2013)

A biopic about a bullied choirboy from Wales (James Corden) who found fame singing opera on a stupid UK TV talent show sounds like the kind of thing best left collecting dust on a store's shelf, but when it has Colm Meaney and Julie Walters in the cast I'm going to watch it, regardless. So that's what I did.
It's surprisingly funny to begin with. The comedy never fully goes away, because as an underdog sometimes the best defence against the world is an ability to laugh at its hardships, but it does get swamped by sentimentality, overplaying how the protagonist effectively conquers his nerves and silences the taunts of naysayers with a big, stirring voice.
His supportive girlfriend, Julz (Alexandra Roach), was delightful.

2½ Flames of Arveron out of 5

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