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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The White Diamond (2004)

Even if you've no immediate or direct interest in the topic of a documentary that's helmed by Werner Herzog, it's worth investing the time to watch it because he can make even the oddest subject wholly captivating.
After a brief recap of the history of aviation he delves into the journey of one man, Dr. Graham Dorrington, as he attempts to fly his small and fragile balloon craft over the forest canopies of Guyana, South America.
When judged as a traditional documentary it appears to go off-topic often, but when Herzog's lens drifts elsewhere it's to capture an equally engaging subject, one that is connected to the whole by way of location and time - it can be assessed individually or understood as an integral but often ignored part of the experience. In short, everything is relevant through the lens.

5 stepping stones to levity out of 5

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