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Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Director Mike Mills' third feature length 20th Century Women continues his firm understanding of lost souls amongst the ones they love.
Set in 1979 Southern California, the film tells of a teenage boy, influenced mostly by his single mother and two other females as the world around them is rapidly going through some significant cultural and social changes.
This funny and moving bittersweet ode to Mills' mother is never too heavy-handed but carries enough weight to become heavily invested within the tale of time flashing before one's eyes.  Poignantly perceptive from the eyes of both sexes the film never chooses sides and rather helps us understand and respect both man and woman, young and old.  The casting is pitch-perfect as each actor works with one another with a special type of chemistry most films yearn for.  It's a simple story but it's told with such grace and intimacy you can't help but become enthralled with it.

4 fights about clitoral stimulation out of 5

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