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Wednesday, 10 May 2017


aka Land of Mine

Denmark's Martin Zandvliet, director of Applaus, tells a generally forgotten World War II story with the powerfully bleak Under sandet.
Set shortly after the end of the second world war, a Danish sergeant is ordered to force a group of adolescent German POWs to dangerously clear out a beach filled with live land mines.
Recreating a difficult time when enemies must regretfully work together and understand one another makes for truly heart-breaking moments and compelling character dynamics.  Great drama aside, the film also has some of the most nerve-wracking moments seen in a war film since The Hurt Locker that isn't necessarily exciting but more tragic.
Through all the darkness, violence and hatred portrayed on screen the film sends out a message of hope that yearns to be spread further than it is. 

4 unfortunate games of fetch out of 5

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