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Tuesday, 9 May 2017


After a lengthy string of box office bombs and critical failures actor Keanu Reeves finally reached back to the top with 2014's wildly entertaining hyper-violent revenge flick John Wick.  So naturally he and director Chad Stahelski would return for a second round of inexcusable violence.
Wick travels the world after a bounty is put on his head, where he finds himself wearing plenty of stylish clothes, indulges in extravagant fight sequences & slick music, reunites with Laurence Fishburne and finds guns.  Lots of guns.
This time around the film knows how ridiculous it is and adds in plenty of dark humor to lighten the mood a little more but it also manages to flesh out the alternate reality that it's set in, making for a very intriguing set-up for the inevitable concluding chapter.  The Wick films are some of the best pieces of cinematic pulp fiction audiences have seen in a long time and it seems everyone involved enthusiastically knows it.

3 awkward subway rides out of 5


Neg said...

My mom bought me the first movie, and one of the legacy MMPR figures. She was being sincere, but from anyone else it would be the biggest troll ever.

It still counts as that. Thanks Universe :laugh: Took 'em back and got Shutter Island because my copy has been M.I.A. for years at this point.

cuckoo said...


10 pts to Neg's mom.