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Monday, 17 October 2016

ARQ [2016]

Orphan Black alumni Tony Elliot writes and directs ARQ, a low-budget sci-fi thriller that's left to rely more on it's storytelling than it's flash.
Set in the near future, a young couple wakes up in a time loop that's set seconds before the beginning of a violent home invasion begins.
Time loops are nothing new to the sci-fi genre but it's such a strong concept folks are quick to make comparisons to the very few other stories that have done it before.  With that in mind it makes it easier to sit back and enjoy the story as it thickens and becomes more suspenseful through all it's twists 'n turns.  It's not too brainy but it isn't dumb-downed either, it's simply wonderful Sunday afternoon comfort food for those who enjoyed The Outer Limits.

3 apples out of 5

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