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Monday, 26 September 2016


TV director Jake Szymanski makes his theatrical debut with the vulgar comedy stylings of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.
Two party-hardy brothers need to bring dates to their sister's Hawaiian wedding in order to prove to their family that they don't fuck everything up, only to find the girls they bring are a lot more trouble than they can handle.
The silly comedy, rather than being particularly smart or charming, benefits heavily from the chemistry of the hilarious cast with Aubrey Plaza stealing every scene she's in.  Young Canadians will get a kick out of (or shrivel up in horror) seeing beloved youth TV personality Sugar Lyn Beard do stuff they'd never imagine.  It's not the type of comedy that will be remembered for much but while it's on it revels in it's crude hilarity with disgusting enthusiasm.

3 happy happy endings out of 5

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