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Thursday, 22 September 2016


Starred Up director David Mackenzie cleverly strips down the tragically violent folk ballad in his Western heist lo-fi thriller Hell or High Water.
Dissecting the rich from the poor and the fatuity of American gun control, the tale follows two born loser brothers that hatch up a clever plan to pay back the thieving bank they are heavily in debt to.
It questions tormented destiny, what is your life worth sacrificing for, the love of family and can you ever escape what you're born into.  Heavy handed themes are afoot but rather than beating the viewer over the head with them, it subtly places them in random actions, surprising flashes of humor and bits of "meaningless" dialogue as we grow closer to the mesmerizing characters.  Aided by some kick-ass music from Townes Van Zandt, Gillian Welch, Scott H. Biram, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis and more, it helps making for a stylized thoughtful romp that is both quiet and intense.

4 enemies of everyone out of 5

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