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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Mas Negro Que La Noche (2014)

aka Darker Than the Night

This Mexican/Spanish production is the remake of a 1975 film of the same name. After inheriting her aunt's massive estate, Greta (Zuria Vega) and her friends, a group of hipster 20-something freeloaders move into the sprawling abode. I know nothing of the original, but this version has high production values as the sets, music and lighting are all impressive. The story is nothing new to the haunted house genre as paranormal happenings quickly become the norm. While it doesn't excel in scaring anybody with its abbreviated moments of horror, there is a reasonable build-up till everything goes batshit crazy. The most standout role belongs to the caretaker, the timeless Evangelina (Margarita Sanz). She obviously knows the house's secrets, but happily leads everyone down a descent into madness. Unfortunately this is no more than a soap opera (or novella) and even as that it's nothing special.

2 Mexican Horror Stories out of 5

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