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Sunday, 25 September 2016


I don't know how he pulled it off but director Roland Emmerich managed to make a Godzilla film dreadfully boring.
After years of pressuring, Toho studios finally agreed to allow Hollywood to take their beloved franchise and turn it into something resembling Godzilla in name only.
To the average movie goer who's never seen a Godzilla film, they're simply about a giant lizard that destroys cities and that's exactly what you get here.  There's no subtext, depth or thematic subtleties floating around here and "big lizard destroys New York" is about all you get in this shallow excuse for a good time.  It's a big, loud and unforgivably soulless shitfest that was clearly a money-hungry attempt to ride on the tails of Jurassic Park.

1 mutant earthworm out of 5


Neg said...

"and turn it into something resembling Godzilla in name only. "


"a big, loud and unforgivably soulless shitfest"

Sounds SO familiar :169:

Docrate1 said...

I paid to see it in theaters back then.I can get over the 6-7 bucks I'll never see again, but not over the two whole hours of my life I've lost that dreadful day. there's nothing to save. nothing.

Frankly, I'd rather watch a bad japanese godzilla than see that turd again.