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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Big Ass Spider! (2013)

A-la Sharknado, BAS! is an incredulously bad B-movie which continually pokes fun at not only itself but the "everyman" action film. The lovable and looking-for-love lead (Greg Grunberg) is (what else?) a blue collar exterminator. When a giant (ass) spider invades Los Angeles, he somehow has the know-how to stop it. Besides some sticky webs, there are no practical SFX. Even after you lower your expectations, the CG is still difficult to stomach. Some actors are obviously only there to pick up a paycheck, (I'm looking at you Patrick Bauchau) while others (Ray Wise, Clare Kramer, Lin Shaye) actually 'get' the material and show commitment to their archetypal characters. There's fun to be had, but the concept wore a tad thin towards the end. 

2 shots in the butt out of 5

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Neg said...

Is this a John Peters production?