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Friday, 23 September 2016


Director Jaume Collet-Serra momentarily steps away from Liam Neeson to direct Blake Lively in the beautifully shot survival thriller The Shallows.
Lively does a fine job at holding her own as a young woman stranded on a rock just off the Mexican shores after a violent shark attack.
Normally films that take place in a single setting tend to carry a smug look on it's face as if it were breaking new ground but The Shallows is only interested in nail-biting tension and melodramatic ferocity to keep the viewer's attention.  There's not an awful lot of smarts being tossed around the ridiculous narrative, nor is there anything new and exciting but that's where it finds it's highest admiration.  It simply sets out to entertain, breaking the viewer out of their own mundane lives for a brisk 90 minutes.

2½ surfboard seagulls out of 5

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