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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Comic to Screen Collection (Manga Version)

I know it's technically incorrect, but I'm using the term 'manga' to encompass the whole of the Asian comics industry. Asia is HUGE (forty-eight countries!) but most of what's listed below the cut will be of Japanese origin. That's not representative of a bias, it's simply because Japan seems to adapt more of their comics to screen than the other regions do and/or what gets imported to the west favours that situation. Because I'm restricted to needing English subtitles, importing stuff we don't officially get is rarely a viable option.

There are separate listings for live action and animation, but in each case the text has to have been in existence before the film/TV series to qualify.

NOTE: If you want a list of English language films adapted from comics see The Comic to Screen Collection (No Pants Version). It's a superhero-free zone. No Collection exists for superhero films. Enough talk, on with the linkage:

Live Action:


PS: Titles in PINK will be added at a later date. I own them but my 'to watch' shelf has grown so big that it's now shelves! FWP.

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