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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Kindergarten Cop (1990)

"It’s a strange town, that way. Especially with new arrivals.
Well, I think a lot of people that come to small towns are trying to get away from something...or they’re hiding something."

That nugget refers to the set-up given away by the title of the film, so please don't get your undies in a twist over it being a spoiler. It also basically explains why this movie was chosen over all others with elementary schools in them to be a significant visual reference for Midwich Elementary in the first Silent Hill game. How does it fare outside of that? It's pretty rote and predictable, but it is fun to see Arnold get away with things that any of the rest of us would get fired for instantaneously. It doesn't have a modicum of the charm and heart of Jingle All the Way, but it was hand-picked by the ultimate benefactor, for good and ill.

1½ "Non-existent" Bathroom Trips out of 5

Nutted by NEG.


cuckoo said...

XD It's kinda bad.
Not one I was ever supposed to revisit.
I thought it was great as a wee lad but when I saw it a few years ago I wondered what was wrong with that wee lad and promptly gave him a good kick to the fun bits.

I'd go with a two though.

budarc said...

Arnie's comedies with Ivan Reitman are among my favorites (Twins/Kindergarten/Junior). Granted, I haven't seen it in a couple of years, but I still thought it was entertaining. The direct-to-video sequel with Dolph Lungren is a must-miss.

3 "too-mahs" out of 5

Neg said...

I'd be upset about buying it if it wasn't for the stated reason. Plus, it only being a couple bucks XD

I'd seen snippets of it previously, never in its entirety. You gentlemen will be glad to know that the Collection nut has been updated with all the things we've covered on the blogs that influenced the series. A lot of Lynch. A LOT of Lynch.

cuckoo said...

XD I laughed out loud when I saw the revised SH Collection and saw Kindergarten Cop wandering around there like the elephant in the room.