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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Chicago (2002)

It's necessary to step outside of your comfort zone from time to time, which accounts for my viewing of Chicago. I'm no stranger to musicals, but it was categorically the first time I've ever sat through the entirety of a film that featured Richard Gere. Happily, it wasn't the rags to riches story I feared it might be. In fact, it was far removed from any of the safe-route assumptions that I held in advance, so kudos to it for that.
Stage-struck dreamer Roxie (Zellweger) frequently uses her imagination to escape the reality she finds herself in, whereas Velma (Zeta-Jones) uses her established reputation to influence her own reality as best she can; in both cases it's the best acting from either lady that I've ever seen.
I've no urge to rewatch it but nor do I regret giving it my time. The songs are vibrant and timely, and the dialogue occasionally clever and sharp edged.

3 stocking fillers out of 5

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