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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Graveyard Disturbance (1987)

The first in a series of four Italian made-for-TV films directed by Lamberto Bava, this low budget horror sees a group of friends on the lam spend the night in a desecrated crypt for a chance at riches. It's painfully obvious where the story is headed within five minutes. The entire plot is trite and the few childish attempts at humor are below feeble. Monster variety is meager and the SFX are disappointing to say the least. Most of the creatures consist of gooey-headed zombies, with only a few offering up any kind of dumb fun. The film is one long trek through a third-rate haunted Halloween attraction. Yet none of this can touch how awkward the English dubbing comes off. Bad writing leads scenes into proverbial walls, providing some of the most puzzling dialogue. Graveyard Disturbance is more of a scuffed stone than an unpolished gem. It certainly didn't deserve a stateside release.

1½ monster brunches out of 5

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