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Monday, 26 September 2016


Director Chris Renaud supplies the laughs and heart by the truckloads with the CGI animated comedy The Secret Life of Pets.
Two dogs (one big & one little) end up getting themselves lost in New York City which leads them into all sorts of trouble and adventures all in the span of a single day.
Like most Illumination Entertainment & Dreamworks animated films, it doesn't quite hold the same sort of depth or story subtleties of Pixar's output but it still manages to pack in the jokes, sometimes even better than the reigning CGI animation company.  It doesn't really ask a whole lot of the viewer other than to sit back and enjoy the ride, which is really easy to do considering the lovable characters we get to follow around for the jam-packed 90 minute running time.

3½ sewer-bunnies out of 5


budarc said...

I would probably give it 3 sewer-bunnies out of 5, but I think at this point we're just splitting hares.

Is it just me or is there a disturbing trend in kid's movies of animals driving large vehicles? I cite Finding Dory and Zootopia as examples.

cuckoo said...

XD "Splitting hares".

cuckoo said...

I don't know about your side of town, bud, but the pig, octopus and other animals are much better drivers than some of the folk around here.