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Thursday, 1 September 2016


Director Roland Emmerich changed the anticipation of Summer blockbusters for better or worse with his sci-fi thriller joyride Independence Day.
Rather than sneak up on the puny earthlings, an alien race makes no attempt to hide the fact that they mean to invade Earth, leaving it to America and Will Smith to save the day.
By combining elements of an ensemble cast disaster pic with the alien invasion genre, Emmerich crafted what would be a benchmark for popcorn blockbusters with barely any brains.  The dialogue is absolutely abysmal that is occasionally forgivable due to some entertaining cast members.  It's bloated with pompous American patriotism that would assure big ticket sales with it's target audience.   As stupid as it is, ID4 can't help but be BIG DUMB fun.  

2½ victory cigars out of 5

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