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Thursday, 8 September 2016


Director Karyn Kusama hasn't made a good film in over 15 years, so the deeply upsetting The Invitation is a welcome surprise to her filmography.
After a disquieting event on their way to a dinner party, a young couple beings wondering if the social gathering they are attending is far more threatening than it initially appears to be.
Considering this film is from the director of Jennifer's Body and the writers of the recent Clash of the Titans and Æon Flux films, I was happily surprised to find this was a well-crafted and highly effective mature tale that leaves a lasting impression.  Right from the get-go it sparks an unpleasantly awkward tension that only digs deeper and deeper into the psyche until it's bloody great finale.  It never really brings anything new to the table but it's still a well-made thriller that delivers enough mystery to please.

3½ red lanterns out of 5

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