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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Force of Five (2009)

aka Power Kids

FoF is either the MOST violent children's movie I've ever been exposed to or it's an adult actioner that has children inappropriately in the lead roles. The truth is I really don't know who it's supposed to be targeting.
What I am confident in saying is that it's unlikely you'll ever see anything like it made in the west! It's a Thai martial arts production that resembled a violent Hong Kong flick one minute and a safe Aussie soap opera the next.
The acting, flat direction and heavy-handed emotion really weaken it. The better-filmed fight scenes are why it exists. The final conflict in particular. It's a showcase for the kids, they draw strength from their convictions and use it to fuel their elbows and fists, and it's jaw-on-the-floor amazing!
Adult actor Johnny Nguyen gets his face on the cover of my version, but young Sasisa Jindamanee deserves to be there; she's the real star.

2½ wall-runs out of 5

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