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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Bandidas (2006)

A comedy western (comestern?) that looks as beautiful as its two leading ladies do in all their finery, but where it really matters it proves to be little more than clichés and cleavage. There's even a clever horse.
The pair are opposites in almost every way, including socially and intellectually, which gives rise to much bickering and standoffish tendencies. But once they decide to work together the film gets slightly better.
A little more faith in both actresses' proven abilities could have gone a long way in making the duo more believable and memorable.
It's an afternoon time-waster that's inoffensive and easily digestible.

2 respective areas of expertise out of 5


Neg said...

The typesetter of the Ride Along series got sloppy again.

budarc said...

I think it's a race thing.