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Monday, 5 September 2016

Manowar: Live In Bulgaria, Kaliakra Rock Fest (2007)

Is your sword wet? Is you hammer held high? Good, but the energy of Manowar live on stage is impossible to capture on DVD. However, if all you want is a decent set-list played live then it’ll deliver the goods.
If you’re a fan (let’s face it, you’d need to be in order to enjoy ageing guys in leather chaps masturbating their instruments) you’ll likely be expecting the lengthy guitar and bass solos, and maybe even the hilariously sexist pit at the front reserved for the pretty ladies? Well, that’s exactly what you get!
It’s all somewhat Spinal Tap in places, but that just adds to the charm.
For me, Hail and Kill was the majestic highlight of the show.

3 divine rights out of 5

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