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Monday, 26 September 2016

The Comic to Screen Collection (No Pants Version)

Well, no spandex pants, that is, because when you say the words "comic book movie" to cinemagoers who've never been inside an independent comic store then they'll likely think of Hollywood celebs as costumed superheroes doing impossible things, but there's a lot of non-superhero comics that have been given the film or TV treatment and so this Collection celebrates them.

A lot of what's listed below the cut aren't as colourful or as mega-budget as their spandex-filled counterparts, but in many cases they feature characters that are equally as memorable, albeit for a different reason: because they have relatable feelings and foibles that we can better empathise with.

NOTE: Selection doesn't include films adapted from Manga, Manhua, etc. I gave them their own dedicated post: Comic to Screen Collection (Manga Version).

Live Action:


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