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Friday, 23 September 2016


In 2002, directors Fernando Meirelles & Kátia Lund's unsettling Brazilian crime drama City of God took the world by storm as it rubbed shoulders with the likes of The Lord of the RingsMystic River and other critically acclaimed films of it's time.  Film-makers Cavi Borges & Luciano Vidigal takes us back to the actor's lives and show how their lifestyles developed in the decade since the award-winning film in 10 Years Later.
Like Slumdog Millionaire, it took the actors out of their poverty-stricken lives, tossed them into the spotlight of nice hotel rooms, limo rides, mingling with the stars and after awards season was done they were tossed right back into the slums.   It's no secret that some of the actors, like Alice Braga, made a name for themselves afterwards but others were not so lucky and were forced to live the same lives as their onscreen personas.  As a fan of the film it's an interesting watch, however if you're not familiar, you'll more than likely be lost as to who and why you're watching.

3 long-lost memories out of 5

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