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Friday, 12 August 2016


Director David Ayers digs the DCEU's grave just a little more deeper with the third film in the negatively received franchise, Suicide Squad.
After Superman's death in BvS, the government decides it's time to assemble a team of disposable warriors, in the form of a group of imprisoned super-villains, should they ever face such a powerful alien-like threat again.
It's an intriguing refreshing premise to root for the villains but after some heavy duty studio meddling we get yet another superhero film with Hot Topic anti-heroes who are less intimidating than the new Supes and Batsy.  It's not nearly as nihilistic as it seems to think it is and that's mostly due to the poorly written characters that all fall flat on their faces, even if some of the performances are particularly spot-on (not you Leto. You just sucked).  The irksome attack of instantly familiar pop/rock songs every other minute felt like it wanted to be a 90's Michael Bay version of The Dirty Dozen but it doesn't have the attitude or heart to ever feel it.

2 homicidal math lessons out of 5


budarc said...

I honestly would have preferred a straight Harley Quinn/Joker love story. This felt more like Will Smith/Deadshot's movie. I did like it more than I expected to (after the abhorrent Bats v Supes) and I enjoyed the anarchic style and the color scheme and the loud music, which was pretty much just taking a page out of James Gunn's book. But yeah, at this point the only two DC characters I care about are HQ and Wonder Woman.

3 Margot Robbie ass shots out of 5

cuckoo said...

Although I didn't really like the actual songs Gunn used in his film, I like how he used them.
Here it was just really sloppy and not really well thought out with their placements. I counted by the 10 minute mark, they had already used 8 different songs.

The editing and continuity was horrendous, which made for a bumpy tonal ride.
I think most of that wasn't Ayer's fault but the studio.
I'm not sure how much say he had in the final cut (I suspect we'll find out in the coming weeks).


I saw so many flashes of things I really liked and/or had potential and then it tripped and fell.

It's one of those ones where I strongly feel the original vision was far superior.
It felt like the intro to the film could have been far different and longer making for something much better when it came to the mindless moments.

I struggled with a possible weak 3 but the amount of times I wanted to get up and walk away prevented that.

budarc said...

What it really should have gotten was an R rating. Guardians of the Galaxy was great, but this movie needed a chaotic and violent tone closer to Deadpool. I thought the first act was thrilling and exciting, then it kind of turned into a typical by-the-numbers action flick. It's too bad this film is breaking so many records; there's not much call for them to take many more chances.

cuckoo said...

I wouldn't be surprised if they had originally strongly considered a R-rating after the success of Deadpool but got scared after the reactions to BvS.

Oh well...
...I'd be very interested in a director's cut on Blu-ray to see what they did differently.
I badly want to see how Boomerang came off originally after I heard he and Harley had a very bitter rivalry in the original cut.

Neg said...

I imagine Bud can guess my most basic feelings based on the Replacements nut. I love the idea of Captain Boomerang hating Harley as much as I do :awsm: Still, not even that would be enough to make me watch any further cuts. Diablo was the closest to being worthwhile and they still fucked him over in terms of execution. I can't award points for potential, only reality.

Probably....½ of the way to being a Shit Shooter out of 5. Someone find Jai Courtney's email address. Also, Karen Fukuhara's purely out of sympathy. They fucked you over, and I hate them for it.

budarc said...

"Unlike a recent effort..."

Ah yes, I get it now.

Yeah, they did fuck over Karen Fukuhara. She might as well have not been in it at all. It really felt like Will Smith's movie all the way. I loved Harley so much from the animated series, I really wanted her to have more screen time with Joker. Jared Leto did an okay job (from what we could see) but his role was cut to shit. The more I devote time and thought to it, the more I hate it. Still, compared to BvS, it was fucking gold.

Probably the part I hated most was Cara Delevingne's eyebrows (they almost singlehandedly ruined Paper Towns for me). They make me want to kick her in the fucking head. Never have one's eyebrows provoked such ire in me. I've never felt this way about eyebrows before. I think I've gone on too long about Cara Delevingne's eyebrows. I don't know if it's normal to talk this much about them. Just pick a fucking color.

cuckoo said...

XD Funny.
I'm infatuated with Delevinge.
It is something about the eyebrows and the way she carries herself.
Funny girl.

...and Neg pointed out the whole Gerard Way thing. XD
Made it even better.

Watching the whole cast on Conan's Com-Con episode is time times better than this film. XD

budarc said...

I take it back. The only thing worse than her goddamn eyebrows are when women shave them off and then draw them back on. I never knew how much eyebrows had an impact on my emotional state. I'm learning a lot about myself through Suicide Squad.

P.S. Yeah, Conan makes every cast better. They should make his episodes longer and the movies shorter.

cuckoo said...


I'm interested to hear what your take on soaking wet burly reptile men is then.

Neg said...

"They make me want to kick her in the fucking head."

I wish you were familiar with our emoticon coding. I got an exceedingly long and violent bout of laughter out of this <333 Ahhh, I genuinely feel better about the world than I did a minute ago. tyty.

I've been talking with Doc about Harley the last few days. It's not Harley in general, or the original from the Animated series that I have issues with. It's this one, very specifically.

I'd love to recommend a team of Villains to you both, given one of the producer's comments about "Bad vs. Evil" but in order to get the context for the two movies they're in, you'd have to watch a 49 episode long tv show. I can't impose that on anyone who isn't already a fan of the genre in question. Alas~

budarc said...

More quips about her eyebrows:

She looks like the human equivalent of Bert from Sesame Street.

Based on her eyebrows, I can only imagine what her landing strip looks like.

I just googled her eyebrows (lord help me), apparently I'm the only one who feels this way? Jesus Goddamn Christ. It looks like two alien eyebrows landed on her face and are taking over her body.

This isn't even a bit anymore, I'm genuinely miffed.


Regarding Killer Croc, I'd say his head was too big for his body and that pissed me off too. I think I'm still just upset about the eyebrows thing though.

cuckoo said...


Her and Dave Franco together must be like crossing the streams.

I think there's even a bit with James Corden where the two talk about their eyebrows.
Have a fap on the house. ;)

budarc said...

"Her and Dave Franco together must be like crossing the streams."

Well played. :D Their kids would just be one giant eyebrow.

I looked up that clip. I think that spoof encapsulates my feelings on the eyebrows. They just made James Cordon look like an asshole. :P


Neg, feel free to mention that villain team you were talking about. I'm sure it wouldn't be out of line to assume they're from a toku series? ;)

Neg said...

I am nothing, if not transparent /bows

NEVER (NEcro-oVER). Their movies are offshoots of Kamen Rider W. Problem being, the "first" comes in between episodes 44 and 45, and the "second" is post-series. They're designed to be watched in reverse chronological order.

The pre-requisites are hefty, hence my reluctance.