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Monday, 8 August 2016


The Madness of King George director Nicholas Hytner brings screenwriter Alan Bennett's 1999 stageplay The Lady in the Van to the screen.
It's a quaint little British story about a homeless woman, living in her van, that just happens to be stationed outside a playwright's driveway for 15 years.
There's plenty of harmless laughs to be had but when it needs to get get poignant there simply isn't enough to carry the emotional weight it calls for.  If not for Maggie Smith's incredible performance, as the eccentric van dweller, the film wouldn't be nearly as watchable as it is.  In fact, she's so damned good she largely overshadows Alex Jennings' somewhat flat character, who the viewer is supposed to be focusing on the most as it's his personality that sort of grows throughout the film.

3 cans of Catholic paint out of 5

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