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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Captain America (1990)

It doesn't take long for lame Steve Rogers to be transformed into the all-American hero. By about fifteen minutes into the film he's kicking Nazi butt in some of the worst edited action scenes outside of a Michael Bay movie.
The Red Skull is the Captain's enemy through the ages. But he's rubbish in comparison to the one thing that the story manages to do reasonably okay: Steve's feeling that the world has moved on without him. It's achieved best in a scene that has the fly-boy running down the middle of a road.
Overall, he doesn't do very much actual heroics. It feels like a TV movie that had to compromise all too often. His plastic shield was embarrassing, but at least it and the suit design are faithful to the source.

1½ superhero sickies out of 5


Neg said...

I hope you're going to do Reb Brown's efforts :ashine:

cuckoo said...

I remember before this came out they were talking about Jonathan Frakes as Cappy.
I wanted to see this a kid but never got the chance to.
As I grew older my enthusiasm lessened a great deal.
Now I'm glad someone else saw it instead. XD

Dr Faustus said...

@Neg: I don't have Reb's films, but I'd watch them if I had. If they ever turn up in Poundland...

@ Cuckoo: I first saw it when I was in my mid-teens. I've had a scene in my head for years that I thought was from the finale, but it wasn't there, so I've no idea what film I was thinking of. :confused: