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Sunday, 7 August 2016


Director Shane Black makes amusingly good use of the R-rating in the pulpy screwball buddy-action flick The Nice Guys.
Set in a sleazy 1970's L.A., two bumbling P.I's investigate the murders of multiple porn stars and constantly fuck-up along the way, sometimes for the better, missing teeth or not.
Black is at his best when his main characters are constantly bantering against each other and here we have Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling having the time of their lives trading insults, punches and bullets.  Amongst it's broken noses, dislocated shoulders and piles of bloody somethings, is some misdirected heart that glues it all together with hidden delicacy.
With it's sharp-witted dialogue, hilarious brisk-pacing and wonderful casting chemistry, The Nice Guys prances around it's genre's clichés with drunken glee.

4 "dead" protesters out of 5

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