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Sunday, 14 August 2016


Brian De Palma directs Little Boy Cruise in the first installment of the long-running Mission: Impossible franchise, based upon the television series.
Framed for the murder of several of his teammates and disloyalty to the IMF, agent Ethan Hunt hunt down the real traitor without the help of his agency.
The 90's had a field day with adapting television shows into films and very few made a successful transition.  Still going strong 20 years later, the M:I franchise is obviously one of the few exceptions.  Originally criticized for being too complicated, the film was a stepping stone for brainier summer blockbusters and allows it to stand the test of time.  De Palma's direction isn't his best but it doesn't mean he's phoned it in, in fact it's filled with all sorts of interesting camera-work, well executed moments of tension and a playful wit that still reflects back to his love for Hitchcock.

3 beads of sweat out of 5

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