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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Fear No Evil (1981)

The age-old conflict continues. Lucifer is reborn on Earth. When he comes of age he'll take his throne. Luckily for us, a trio of angels are also incarnate, tasked with preventing the demon from bringing an end to the world.
FNE begins with a scene that most similar films would place at the end. It's an early sign that Dir. Frank LaLoggia is attempting to do something different with the genre in his début feature. However, with such a limited budget to play around with there's only so much that can be achieved, and while the end result is certainly ambitious it's also very uneven.
While checking on Wiki for the cast list I wasn't surprised to find that FNE had no page, but Frank LaLoggia has none either. Surely he deserves one!?

2½ cross lights out of 5

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